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Home Theater Screens

Black Diamond Zero Edge

Dragonfly™ 120 in. High Contrast Projection Screen with Black Velvet Frame

PT-AE4000U HD Home Theater Projector

Dragonfly™ High Contrast projection screens deliver peak performance from challenging ambient light applications by reducing glare and enhancing black levels. Contrast in an image is vitally important for rich color saturation and definition. High contrast projection screen material is the perfect solution for rooms with ambient light, or where the projector has weak black levels and high light output (many LCD/DLP projectors, for example). An image can only be as black as the screen and room allow - that's why Dragonfly™ high contrast screens are ideally suited for these challenging situations. With a gain of 0.9, the screen appears darker by absorbing extra light. This creates a richer image by maintaining color balance and enhancing black levels. ... (more)

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge™ G2

Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 The New Black Diamond Zero Edge™ G2 is the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejecting projection screen technology that has the look and feel of a flat panel TV. Featuring a rigid panel, a pencil-thin 10mm bezel, and the award-winning Black Diamond screen technology that can boost a projector’s contrast by over 900%, Zero Edge™ screens blend flawlessly with surrounding décor, deliver a stunning image, and provide a fully immersive entertainment experience for light or dark room applications. A slender new frame design with an integrated track system enables the use of optional Ambiance LED Lighting behind the screen for added effect and to fully complement to room. ... (more)