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MC Series Subwoofers

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MCS-88: In-wall Subwoofer

MC-615 In-ceiling Speaker Subwoofers are a wonderful addition to any music system and a necessity for home theater systems. The MCS-88 provides the essential low frequencies needed to thoroughly enjoy your favorite album or movie without sacrificing critical floor space. The MCS-88 utilizes the wall’s internal space as its enclosure, and the dual aluminum cone 8-inch woofers add intense bass enjoyment to your home theater ... (more)

SX-10: Powered Subwoofer

SX-10 Powered Subwoofer The SX-10 powered subwoofer features a 10-inch aluminum cone driver powered by a 300 Watt integrated amplifier. Delivering strong, powerful bass, the SX-10 can be easily incorporated into any audio system. The SX-10/R takes the performance of the SX-10 to the next level, incorporating a reference grade, long-throw 10-inch driver and a 350 Watt integrated amplifier ... (more)

SX-12: Powered Subwoofer

SX-12 Powered Subwoofer Built for all-out performance, the SX-12 adds powerful, deep bass to any audio system or home theater. The SX-12 employs a 12-inch aluminum cone driver powered by a 350 Watt integrated amplifier. A reference-level upgrade to the SX-12, the SX-12/R employs a long-throw 12-inch driver and a 500 Watt integrated amplifier ... (more)