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Wired Sensors

Make sure that every area of your office or home is adequately monitored with the latest sensors from ELK Products and Security Integrators. These sensors use the latest in home and office security technology to ensure that the protection you provide is second to none. Contact us today to learn more about our wired sensors and how we can help build security systems for homes and offices in Salt Lake City, Park City, and other surrounding areas.

Surface mount contact sensors

This type of mount is typically used for window and door applications. Once the contact area is "opened" it sends a signal to the alarm panel causing alarm activation. These sensors are paintable.

Overhead door contact sensor

ELK-M1KP Keypad

Typically used in garage or any other type "rolling-door" application. It is used when durability and weather conditions call for a rugged weather proof sensor.

Roller Switch Sensor

ELK-M1KP2 Keypad
A roller switch sensor is mounted within the door jam area of doors and works well with windows.

Magnetic Door/Window Sensor

ELK-M1KP3 Keypad
A magnetic sensor works by using a magnet to hold the protected area contact in a position that protects until the magnet moves from the sensor thus causing security system activation.

Glass Breakage Sensor


This sensor detects vibration and allows the security system to activate upon a signal from the sensor once activated by breakage>

PIR Motion Sensor

ELK-M1KPB Keypad

A passive infrared motion sensor detects intruders by looking at the ambient temperature of a room, and is triggered when a warmer object, such as a person at a higher temperature, passes through its detection pattern.

PIR Motion W/Pet Alley

ELK-M1KPB Keypad

This motion system allows the ability of avoid "false" alarm activation by allowing the sensor to view the protected area with specific monitored areas. And example would be- No areas within 3 feet from the floor would cause system activation, allowing your pet to move freely within the secured area.